Bree Runway

Bree Runway


Bree started to make music whilst she was still at school. Getting a part-time job to help fund her studies, Bree used her very first pay cheque to buy a small home studio and soon after, her first EP, RNWY 01, emerged. Bree’s first EP received early acclaim and ultimately gave her the confidence to tackle more personal issues on her follow-up, Be Runway. Bullied at school for years because of the colour of her skin, the EP explored Bree’s use of skin bleaching creams as a teenager – something which eventually led to her needing extensive corrective treatment in later years. At her childhood home, Bree was surrounded by an eclectic range of music thanks to her music-loving parents. “My dad was the one who put me on the path of loving music,” Bree says. “I’m from Ghana so it was through him playing genres like High Life that my interest really sparked.” Bree’s mother, meanwhile, introduced her to pop music – from Queen to Lady Gaga – whilst MTV led Bree to her musical heroes – Missy Elliott, Gwen Stefani and The Neptunes.

Bree's vision goes all the way back to watching her MTV heroes as a teenager. "They’re not thinking about camera angles or how good they look – they’re just totally free, content in their own presence. They weren’t afraid to get ugly for their art and that kind of non-conformity drives what I do," Bree says. This same philosophy is driving Bree’s next project, the first single of which is ‘Apeshit’.




APESHIT (Directed by Will Hooper)