Regarded as the next to fly the flag for Croydon, Hardy Caprio has quickly proven why he is worthy of this title by gatecrashing and setting his own tone in the UK Grime, Rap and Garage scene. Gaining a mass following online that is evident by his YouTube view count, Facebook view count and SoundCloud listening count soaring in to the millions and tens of thousands of followers, collectivelty across his social networks.

Consisting of Grime and Garage mash-ups and refixes, Hardy has pioneered resurgence of old school instrumentals, such as XTC’s classic Grime beat ‘Functions On The Low’, which is exhibited in ‘Soundbwoy’ of Hardy’s industry marker campaign ‘Hardy Season’. Which allowed Hardy to get recognised and nominated for the GRM Daily and KA Drinks – Rated Awards, 2015.

Hardy’s ground breaking release came from the second instalment of ‘Hardy Season’ which was his Warm-Up session via SBTV over the prestigious ‘Wifey Riddim’. This exposed Hardy to overnight recognition from Industry related platforms, fellow artist and an online feature in RWD magazine. Hardy went on to issue the follow up of the Soundbwoy series with Soundbwoy 2, where once again demonstrates his ability over a very traditional sounding Grime beat, produced by Kid D. This release gained features from MTV, RWD Mag and various other respected online platforms.

As the attention and support rapidly increased, so did the anticipation for releases. Records such as ‘Love song’, ‘Up Till Now’, ‘Jezebel’ and ‘Biggie N’ Mase’ all became apart of Hardy’s catalogue which perfectly exhibits why he is a gamechanger. As Hardy’s catchy flows and wordsmithery became more and more apparent, he began to take bookings throughtout the country, traveling to Newcastle and flying to Guernsey to perform.

One of the most focal points for Hardy came in late August with the introduction of his new Campaign – ‘Hollywood’, which presents Hardy forming his own distinguishable sound with garage influenced grime, with his kickstarter being an rendition of legendary Daniel Beddingfield’s single ‘Gotta get thru this’. Which was released on Hardy’s own Youtube Channel and has already gained over hundred thousand views.

The combination of vocal samples, witty lyrics, London exclusive references and tight flow along with Hardy’s uncensored skits, which presents his genuine personality to his listeners, are only a small scope of what the twenty year old has to offer the UK.