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We ask that voting members make their ballots with the following criteria in mind:

Best Alternative Music Act

A category that recognises the best solo, duo, group or collaborating alternative music acts who perform music within the genres of:

• Alternative Rock 

• Experimental Rock 

• Hardcore Punk 

• Punk 

• Hard Rock 

• Indie Rock 

• Goth Rock 

• New Wave 

• Progressive Rock


ELIGIBILITY PERIOD – September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022

  • Buzz - Has this artist been the name on everyone's lips, hot pick for features
  • Artists must be British
  • Quality of work (album/EP/mixtapes/singles) - song writing credits, press acclaim  
  • Commercial performance – chart success, album/single sales, radio spins, YouTube views, Spotify Streams 
  • Acclaim - positive reviews from leading publications and fans
  • Cultural Impact - business acumen (independent success), merchandise, ushering in other artists, influence
  • Live Performance – successful tours, festival bookings throughout the summer